Saturday, 28 April 2012

Berlin: Amazing Architecture

I will wrap up the Berlin posts with more examples of the amazing architecture in that city.  Often the buildings look unexciting on the outside but could be quite spectacular on the inside.

Buildings near Potsdamer Platz (Sony building in the distance)

Who would have thought the inside of the Deutscher Dom you see above would look like
this (below) -

The traditional-looking St. Hedwigs Kathedrale - the Catholic Church of Berlin
The unconventional interior with a horizontal crucifix (the 18th century church was completely gutted during the war)

the contemporary cupola

the magnificent organ

The German Historical Museum in a stunning I. M. Pei building

The Pei building from a different angle

Liebeskind's Jewish Museum, awe-inspiring on the outside, echoed on the inside

Sloped hallways  and ceilings
Holocaust Tower with no light other than a slit in the wall evoked strong feelings

It's a very powerful, emotive building - difficult to walk out untouched

The Garden of Exiles - there was no escape even when you're outside

The beautiful cupola of the Martin Gropius Bau Museum

The acoustically perfect Berlin Philharmonic Hall -
and on that harmonious note, we reached the end of my Berlin posts.  Thank you for coming along with me!

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