Saturday, 25 August 2012

Chicago - Interiors

With a guide book in hand, we visited a number of buildings in the Chicago downtown loop.  The interiors are pretty spectacular.  One of the most memorable building was the Chicago Cultural Centre with its two Tiffany domes.  It was also the former home of the Chicago Public Library and is truly quite a unique building.  It now houses the main Visitor information centre in downtown Chicago.  Entry is free and there are often free concerts in one of the gorgeous domed halls.  We were lucky to happen upon a rehearsal for a lunchtime concert.

The Tiffany dome inside the concert hall of the Chicago Cultural Centre

Concert Hall
The hallway outside the concert hall

The second Tiffany dome at the Cultural Centre

The interior of the Chicago Board of Trade Building - textbook art deco!

The stunning Frank Lloyd Wright designed lobby inside The Rookery Building at 209 South LaSalle Street

Looking down and then up the even more spectacular Oriel Staircase designed by John Root inside the Rookery Building (you may not be able to see this as it is closed to the public)

Inside the Private Bank on LaSalle Street

The lobby ceiling of the Palmer House Hilton

Peacock Doors at the Palmer House Hotel
Declarations of freedom of the press inside the lobby of the Chicago Tribune Building

The skylight in the library reading room at the Chicago Art Institute
The lobby entrance of the beaux arts Hilton completed in 1927

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