Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chicago - Stained Glass Museum

We hardly ever go near ferris wheels any more although they are very photogenic.  We wouldn't have gone to the Navy Pier with its ferris wheel if it were not also the home of the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows - another must see freebie in Chicago.  You can see some of my faves below.

Tiffany panels 

St. Cecilia playing the organ 1937 above and King David playing the harp below -
art deco designs by Conrad Schmitt Studio in Wisconsin

One of a pair of panels designed by Louis Sullivan 1889-90

A pair of very Wright windows
The two panels below are excellent examples of Wright's brilliant use of both the plane and the diagonal for which he was famous.  These were from the Oscar Steffens House.  1909

Designed by George Grant Elmslie 1920  - use of the disc is very similar to Wright designs

Another Tiffany

Navy Pier building

And the ferris wheel of course!

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