Monday, 26 October 2015

Two awesome Acropoles on Rhodes

I wish we had more time on Rhodes!  The medieval town with its in tact city walls reminded me of Dubrovnik.  We spent most of our time outside of the city visiting the two Acropolis; by the time we got back, we barely had energy or time to explore anything other than the main drag which was mainly tourist shops. Our driver/guide Kosta took us into the old town right after he picked us up at the cruise port as cars are not allowed in there after 10 o'clock.  We were able to take some pictures at the Palace of the Grand Master and then were quickly whisked out of the city because the traffic jam had already started.  The visit to the non-existent Colossus of Rhodes, another of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, was quick.

The Acropolis in Rhodes is quite beautiful with a Temple of Apollo, an Odeon and a fairly large stadium, partly reconstructed.  But the Acropolis at Lindos, a half hour's drive from Rhodes, is even more striking.  Situated at the top of the hill overlooking the sea, it is a natural citadel that was fortified by successive rulers from the Greeks to the Ottomans.  It was a steep climb up to the Acropolis, walking through a gauntlet of shops and stalls starting from the main square.  One could also hitch a ride up on donkeys that went up another road, thankfully for those who are walking.  But it is worth the 20 minute hike as it is very beautiful and the view from the top was spectacular.

Palace of the Grand Master

Cobbled street in medieval Rhodes before the crowds arrive

Colossus of Rhodes location

View of Rhodes from the hilltop - Turkey across the sea

The Acropolis at the hilltop - Temple of Apollo 

Odeon reconstructed - black stones are original 

The stadium seats

Interesting rest stops on the way to Lindos, including a potter's shop.

Potter at his wheel

This is a washroom

First view of Lindos 

The path up to the Lindos Acropolis

Private porch along the way

Medieval fortress around the Acropolis

Doric Temple of Athena reconstructed by the Italians during their occupation (1912-1945).  But the work was poorly done - in recent years, Greek and international archaeologists are working on repairing the damage.

Medieval castle around the Acropolis
Ancient Greek theatre outside the Lindos castle walls

Back in the medieval city of Rhodes, we entered through the Gate d'Amboise

The Public Library of Rhodes
The Muslim Library 

The main tourist street through the town 

Medieval fountain in Hippocrates Square

Ruins of the Church of Our Lady of the Burgh near the waterfront

The waterfront fort - site of Naillac's Tower which was destroyed in an earthquake in the 19th century


  1. You didn't see the one in front of the Palace of the Grand Master?? (second photo, in the shade) :-)

  2. Very impressive and beautiful scenery pictures. Good job, as always.

    1. Thanks, Connie. You're always supportive.