Sunday, 15 November 2015

Island in white - Mykonos

Mykonos was our last stop before Athens.  We took it easy, spending a few hours wandering the quaint streets, enjoying the relative quiet on a Sunday morning, and luxuriating in the whiteness of it all.   According to our guide on Santorini, people on Mykonos are not allowed to paint their houses any colour other than white - although we noticed many white houses with colourful trims.  It was a photographic feast.

Gorgeous bourgainvilla in a front yard

One of the main streets

One of many narrow alleyways

Wandering the side streets meant we see more locals like these...
Reading the Sunday paper?

Or this one...

And treated ourselves to picturesque front yards like this one...

Coming across couples doing wedding selfies in the narrow alleys...

A Mykonos cat - in his colour-coordinated kingdom
Overwhelmingly blue...
But churches are red

Except for this one - dazzlingly white!

The Folk Art Museum (closed on Sundays) with a porch of stone mosaic

Windmills by the waterfront
"Little Venice"

A bagpiper - he'll only play if paid

The Greek flag - in penurious splendour braving the winds
I love the islands!

Still to come:  Delphi and Athens

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