Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Golden Circle: Haines, continued

After the strenuous hike up to the Mt. Riley summit, we took a break the following day and did a short hike to Battery Point Park for a relaxing picnic by the beach front.  The trail head was a short drive from town and the beach, easily accessible after a 20 minute hike through the rain forest, gave yet more panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.  

Haines is situated in between two inlets, Chilkat and Chilkoot.  Chilkat is renowned for its Bald Eagle Reserve where American bald eagles congregate in the fall.  We visited on our way up the Haines Highway but did not see any eagles close enough to photograph.  The Chilkoot River is renowned for its salmon run and the bears and eagles feeding on the salmon.  But we were too early for that too. So I resigned myself to photographing a few eagles that happened to be chilling around the Chilkoot river.  The beauty of the landscape continues to astound, wherever we look.  Haines is truly amazing.

The view from Battery Point Park

Battery Point panorama

The magical rain forest

Spring flowers at Battery Point

Haines streetscape

The Chilkoot River - lots of salmon at the right time

View along the Chilkoot

Bald eagle watching out for dinner high up on a tree

This old eagle is called the "Harbourmaster" - it has a permanent perch atop the tallest tree overlooking the harbour.

Haines Harbour
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