Monday, 27 June 2011

Serious Dining

Thai food in Paris??!   The name of the restaurant is Gastronomie Thailandaise, which gives fair indication of what to expect.  It was a nice surprise for us, certainly fancier than any Thai restaurant we have encountered in Toronto.  But then again, it's Paris. 

Chicken wrapped in palm leaves
Soft-shell crab

Prawns in crepe pouch
Curried chicken steeped in coconut

Thanks to our hosts for the evening, my cousin Laurent and his family
Monday in Paris, meant that many restaurants were closed.  We were lucky our friend Tim referred us to L'Ambassade d'Auvergne, just north of the Georges Pompidou Centre.  
The chilled asparagus entree, served with a warm vinaigrette, was refreshing with the contrast in textures and temperature.  The roast duck breast, served in 3 big chunks instead of slices, meant the skin remained crispy, pink and juicy inside - it was the best duck we have tasted anywhere.  The other interesting element was the "aligot" it came with - mashed potatoes made with cheese - a traditional dish from the province of Auvergne.  The waiter  put up a performance, pulling the mixture out of the heated pan with a spoon so that it is in strands.

We realized after we left Paris, that the 3 course "Formule" menu turned out to be the best deal ever, compared to restaurants in Provence.

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