Sunday, 13 December 2015

Athens streetscape

After a half day at the Museum, we were tired and hungry.  It was a good thing that we stumbled upon the Cafe Veneti in an area outside of the main tourist area.   The place is huge, as you can see below, with all kinds of sweets and breads.  Our lunch was delicious and also very reasonable.

Lunch time in Athens

We then took a long walk through the Omonoia Square area on our way back to the Plaka.  This was precisely the place our driver the day before told us to avoid at night, apparently a red light district.  But we were curious to see what it was like in the day time at least and found lots of interesting shops and people, including the huge meat market on Athinas.  Unfortunately we missed the other part of the Central Market because we detoured into the meat market.  Oh well, can't see everything...

This cute couple offered to pose for my camera...:-)

The huge meat market.  We were surprised at how clean it was - it doesn't smell like a market!

Almost like a Chinese market - chicken with heads and feet (these would be the free-run chickens in a Chinese market)

These butchers seemed to like their jobs...

And this one was plain cocky!

A deli

Dried goods store

Stumbled upon this old church 

Cute mini truck carrying cardboard

And we're back in the tourist district!

Shopping street in the Plaka

We walked by Hadrian's Gate and didn't even stop - you can tell we were at the end of a two week trip where we must have seen hundreds of stone monuments.
Wedding on the historic path

A music store with Greek Bouzoukis

Father and son musicians
This wraps up our tour of the Greek Isles and Athens.  It was an amazing trip that I would do again, especially a lengthier stay in Athens - after I get through my long bucket list...

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