Monday, 10 October 2011

The Art of doing nothing in Paris

Allowing myself to do nothing in Paris is the ultimate luxury.  To be in a city so remarkably beautiful and full of things to do and yet do nothing other than sit and take it all in means you are "at home", because that's the sort of thing you do at home.

The French do it so well, from breakfast through late into the night, weekdays or weeknights do not seem to matter.  The cafes are crowded even on a Monday night!

In Paris,
or in Marseille,
The kids do it,

even the cat!



  1. Why I feel more relaxed already! Doing nothing in Paris -- why didn't I think of that? Fun pictures, rarecat! John

  2. I think taking photographs must count as "doing something"in Paris. Love your pictures especially of cafe-life. The French do it soooo well!
    Bill Kimber

  3. Thanks, Bill and John. I agree, when I was taking the photos of people doing nothing, I was doing something; but I also sit at the cafe, by the river, and do nothing (except of course, I'm always on the look out for "victims"...;-)