Sunday, 26 June 2011

More serious sightseeing

The National Museum of the Middle Ages was the highlight of our Paris visit.  It is housed in the 15th century Hotel de Cluny which was constructed over Roman Baths.  Here is the neat entrance into the walled courtyard.

As expected, religious themes pervaded.  There were multiple madonna and child images.  But I love this one of the madonna with an exceptionally cheerful expression on her face - how unusual! 

I was also impressed by a beautifully carved crucifix - look at Christ's "loin cloth"!

When we visited, there was a special exhibit of swords in the Roman baths area .  There were swords from different eras and countries.                                              

Here is one that supposedly belonged to Joan of Arc, if you would believe it.  But I liked the style of the handle anyway. 

The elaborate vault of the Gothic chapel on the second floor of the Abbey is very impressive!
The highlight of the exhibits for me was of course the tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn, all six hung on the walls of a dimly lit room.  It was a challenge to photograph but I am quite pleased with the results.
A short distance south from the Museum is the Luxembourg Gardens.  It's massive as you can see, covering 22 hectares, with treed and open areas and many sculptures.  

The playful figure of Pan posed a backlit challenge but it adds to the effect.

The Medici Fountain

Closeup of the beautiful Aces and Galatea sculpture

Tomorrow:  Food!


  1. So glad you got to the Museum of the Middle Ages this time, rarecat. What a treasure trove, eh? And the architecture alone is worth the visit. Love your details from within.

  2. Thanks, Bill. Yes, there is just so much stuff there! I didn't look at John's post till after I did mine and it's interesting that there is no duplication - but certainly reminders of what a gold mine that was.