Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Going Local

I am not finished with Sydney yet but thought I'd take a detour to show you something local.  We have seen some pretty spectacular sights on our travels abroad but sometimes these are right at our front door, or quite close to it.  These are photos from a hike we went on last weekend - an hour and a half away near Hamilton - people would go to work every day driving that distance!

We started at Webster Falls, hiked along the river bed then went uphill and reached Tews Falls, from which it was just a short hike back to the car at Webster Falls.  The loop took us all of 3 hours.  Water and rocks, I've found, are the key ingredients to making a hike interesting.

Webster Falls, considered one of the top 10 falls in Ontario
Waterfalls make you do crazy things

Tews Falls

A classic U-shaped valley - glaciers were here a long time ago!

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