Saturday, 21 January 2012

Cuba: the resort

Since there is so much interest in the Sirenis Playa Turquesa on the Trip Advisor site (I was told over 3,400 people read my review in the past week), I've decided to post some photos of the resort to give people a better idea.  
The entrance lobby - this is not what you see when you first enter, I just like the light from this angle
View from the lobby - shop to the left, theatre and snack bar to the right, the pools straight ahead

This is what most units look like - two floors, 4 - 8 units in one building

The bed was made up everyday with a different pattern using the blankets

Every unit has a walkout balcony

This is the view from the top level - these are kiddie pools
Second level - we really liked the shade option on the right when we've had enough sun
We called this our Chichen itza (the mayan pyramid in Mexico) because of the steep climb to the higher level pool 

Nice archway that takes you to a gazebo outside the snack bar that is open 24 hours

A shaded descent to the lower level pool, the main one where the bar is, and closest to the beach

The beach 

Nice fine sand on the beach - catamaran rides available
We had a great time!

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