Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Cuba Revisited

I can imagine Berlin being as cold as Toronto in January, so it's time to take a winter break and visit Cuba to warm up.  We visited a resort near Holguin in north-east Cuba last week.  It was everything we expected - hot and sunny, blue skies and turquoise seas, palm trees and fragrant flowers.  But we also took some time to get a glimpse of Cuban life.  We took a day trip to Santiago.  One of the highlights we visited was a farmer's market near the Antonio Maceo monument.

Antonio Maceo Monument in Santiago - the farmer's market was just across the street from this impressive monument with its 23 machetes

Locals seem to really enjoy shopping here

This man used what looked like a machete to slid off the bananas from their stalks in one sweeping motion

Enough bananas for you?!

 To give you an idea of prices - these are in Cuban pesos, the non-convertible kind

Family fun!

More interesting glimpses of life in Cuba in the next post - transportation in Cuba!