Thursday, 26 January 2012

Cuba - Shopping

We dropped by this store on the way to Holguin.  This would be typical general store in rural areas, open 7 to 11 am, 2 to 5 pm, leaving plenty of time for lunch and siesta.  Take a look inside, merchandise is in pesos (not the convertible kind).  A baseball costs 60 pesos, about the equivalent of $2.50 Canadian, quite expensive in Cuban terms.  A young man on our bus bought a baseball and on the way back, gave it to a boy going home after school.

One happy kid!

This is the shopping street in Holguin, which seems to be a relatively well-off town.  Department stores are bigger and there are even specialty stores.

Where tourists shop...

The butcher

The magician...?

 ....pulling out one rabbit after another - it's hard to decide which one to take home!

Granizado looks like it might be slush - probably welcome relief on a hot sunny day, but no one had the nerve to try it!

 Next post: El Morro in Santiago

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