Monday, 20 February 2012

Cuba - Havana

So I lied - that wasn't the last post on Cuba.  It's still freezing outside and I have to cling to the thought of Cuba to get through this winter.  What better way to do that than post my photos from my earlier trip to Havana!

This photo for me captured the essence of Havana.  The incongruous mix of past grandeur and present squalor, magnificent mansions turned into utilitarian apartments for the masses - a fascinating mix that seemed to work, both for the camera and for life in Havana.

View of the harbour from our hotel room

Corner cafe where we ate our first lunch in Havana

The main drag in Havana - Paseo del Prado

The beautiful colonnade outside the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The Opera House

Stunning lobby inside the Opera House - too bad it wasn't open
The Capitoleo - looks familiar?  U. S. Capitol?  Apparently it's modeled on the Pantheon in Paris.  Before the revolution, it was the seat of government but now it is the home of the Cuban Academy of Sciences, and of course major tourist attraction

The Statue of the Republic - apparently the world's third largest indoors statue

Inside the Capitol, hall with inlaid marble floors

The Library

Corridor leading to the Parliament Chambers

Inside the Parliament

Next post:  more on Havana

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