Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cuba - "New" Havana

It seems that I am reluctant to let go of Havana, at least until the weather warms up in Toronto!  So here is "new" Havana - for us, mainly a trip out to Revolution Square and environs, which included the not so new University of Havana, Vedado and then back in Old Havana, the contemporary art in the Palace of Fine Arts.

The iconic image of Che and his "Hasta la victoria siempre"  in Revolution Square

Biblioteca Nacional Jose Marti - National Library of Cuba on the south side of the square

Mosaic in the ceiling - lobby of the National Library

Jose Marti Memorial with its tower from where you get a panoramic view of Havana

To the west, the offices of Castro and Miramar beyond

To the north, the University of Havana, Vedado and the Caribbean

From Revolution Square, which is in the middle of nowhere, we did what tourists do when they are on vacation - throw caution to the wind - hopped on a "Bubble Cab" (what?! no seat belts?!)  to get us back into town.  The University of Havana had some gorgeous buildings, here is just one of the many beautiful portals on campus.

A little unexpected - Don Quixote in Vedado

The beautiful Museum of Decorative Arts in Vedado, the place with the lovely staircase you may have seen in my earlier post Havana Stairs

A no less lovely skylight in the former mansion

The art deco Hotel Nacional at the waterfront
The lobby of the impressive Palace of Fine Arts (no broken windows in this place for sure)

You see Che everywhere in Cuba, this painting in the Palace of Fine Arts is quite special

I love this painting!  Wish I hadn't lost the name of the artist!

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