Saturday, 17 March 2012

Cuba - Varadero

After Havana, we spent 4 days in Varadero staying at the Sirenis la Salina resort.  It was just right as there isn't much to see in Varadero.  The resort is very nice but while it is very convenient to get into town on the shuttle bus, the town is very small and it is almost there just to cater to tourists.  There are two small arts and crafts markets and a few restaurants, an old church and that's about it.  But the proximity of Havana certainly made the Varadero resorts popular destinations.  Many people made side trips into Havana and also to see the Tropicana show.  

The lobby of the Sirenis

The old church in Varadero

Inside the church

Our man in Varadero

This gives an idea of the price of meals for tourists

Another Don Quixote tableau - in the middle of nowhere, beside the road from Varadero beach to the town - the Cubans must love Cervantes

Varadero beach - the catamarans were fun

Cafe in the huge lobby of the Sirenis - great espresso!

We went to the Tropicana show when we were in Havana, but many people took a side trip from the resort to see this - certainly worth seeing but not worth a two hour bus trip.  
This is my last post on Cuba for now.  It's an amazing country - warm and friendly people, culturally vibrant and a great winter escape.  I look forward to returning...

Now that the weather has warmed up, I'm ready to go back to Berlin!
Next post - Potsdam

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