Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Gardens - Almost free concert

We were at the Gardens again tonight.  Fabulous concert in the Edwards Summer Music Series with Suba Sankaran and her father Trichy Sankaran, master drummer.  The master had the drum in total control, manipulating the rhythm and the sound with such dexterity it's totally awe-inspiring.  You can hear a sampling on his website.  I had not gone back to Indian music after I fell asleep at a Ravi Shankar concert many years ago - my mistake.  Tonight, I'm quite content just listening to the drums - it's complete in itself.  But Suba Sankaran has a lovely voice - a pleasure to listen to but the drummer is the star tonight.  And the gardens in the evening light provided a suitably dramatic backdrop - wrapping up a gorgeous summer day in the city.

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