Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chicago - Awesome Architecture!

I visited Chicago several years ago and still haven't got over how smashingly striking the architecture in that city is.  I haven't been to any place since that blew me away quite like Chicago did.  Few words are needed here, just look at the photos.  I will post photos of the interiors of some of these buildings in the next post.

You can start with the amazing egg sculpture in Millenium Park - you could spend hours just snapping pictures of it from every angle - and admire the reflection of Chicago's buildings.
Take a walking tour, guided or by yourself and look at the abundant and resplendent art deco buildings - or any old building for that matter. Most of them are within blocks of each other.  

The Chicago Board of Trade Building 1920-24 textbook art deco

This one below, the Reliance Building, was built in 1890-95!  It was one of the first skyscrapers to have plate glass windows covering most of its surface.

The famous Wrigley Building (1920-24) with its two towers and bridge in glazed terracotta.  Supposedly the building is hand-washed on occasion to preserve the terracotta!

The iconic Chicago Tribune Building and entrance completed in 1925 (neo-gothic) 

The NBC Tower - considered one of the finest reproductions of the Art Deco style (1989) 

The Crain Communications "Smurfit-Stone Building" (also known as the "Vagina Building") with the Trump Tower in the background

This building is just called 333 Wacker Street.  You wouldn't know it's so spectacular when you're at street level.  This view was from the river when we were on the boat.

Be sure to take the river cruise with the Chicago Architectural Foundation with knowledgeable docents giving you background details on buildings and history. 

See the buildings from an entirely different angle.  Note condo on the right with boat garage below.

The two round towers of Marina City beside the river - the bottom floors are all garages

Lake Point Tower condo on the Lakeshore

Amazing juxtaposition of buildings showcasing each other everywhere you turn

The buildings look surreal near sunset
Chicago skyline - the tallest is of course the Sears Tower

Next post: the interiors

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