Saturday, 18 August 2012

The hunt continues - Eugenia and Hoggs Falls

As the weather gets cooler, I'm able to continue my hunt for waterfalls nearby.  There is a neat website Great Lakes Waterfalls which lists all the major waterfalls in the Great Lakes area.  We visited two falls about an hour from Toronto, half an hour south of Owen Sound.  Hoggs Falls and Eugenia Falls are within hiking distance of each other but we didn't hike because we didn't want to do a return trip on the same route to get back to the car.  Now I wished I had the forethought of a colleague of mine who had arranged for a pickup at the other end!  I didn't get in my share of exercise but did get some neat photos.

Hoggs Falls is much smaller than Eugenia Falls but was much more fulsome because the water going into Eugenia has been diverted for hydroelectricity.  We read too late that the fall is best seen in the spring - duh!  But to look at it positively, if we had come in the spring, we wouldn't be able to walk on top of the falls or take pictures of water rushing over the falls right at the rim.

It was an easy scenic walk to Hoggs Falls with light filtering through the forest 

                                                                                  Upstream from Hoggs Falls

Hoggs Falls

Eugenia Falls

Top of Eugenia Falls
Three feet from the edge of the falls!

Picture this in the spring

Green as far as the eyes can see

Stop by for a cone at the Beaver River Grill and buy some preserves from the Pickle Guy

An unexpectedly huge wind farm between Shelburne and Fresherton - felt like an alien world!

Surreal!  Watching over the cows...



  1. You are the best photographer! Next time you need to hike the trail, though...

    I especially loved the last picture with the wind turbines.

  2. Thanks, Magadalena! That's quite a compliment when I was admiring the photos you took on the trail. And yes, the trail is on the list, but have to be better organized for that - no last minute decisions, which tends to be the modus operandi these days. Those wind turbines in such numbers evoke visions of some dystopia...