Tuesday, 4 September 2012

City Parks - Rouge Park and Milliken Park

Toronto is full of walkable parks right in the city.   In our efforts to get into shape for a more strenuous hike coming up, we visited two parks in Scarborough in recent weeks.  The Rouge Park at Meadowvale and Sheppard and Milliken Park at McCowan and Steeles.

Rouge Park has attained National Urban Park status whereas Milliken Park is relatively small.  You get more of a hike feel at Rouge Park and could spend the whole day hiking while at Milliken you would be mostly walking on paved paths throughout and you could probably do a couple of loops around the park in an hour.  But it's exercise with a view,  without having to drive hours to get to a hiking trail and lots of photo opportunities in both places!

Rouge Park pond at the south trail head of the Cedar Trail

The pond at the north end of the Orchard Trail 

Shady Orchard Trail 

The Little Rouge River beside the Orchard Trail

At the top of the Vista Trail, they have built a viewing platform that looks out on the bluffs  around the river - should be a vantage point for viewing fall colours.
 On the other hand, at Milliken Park,
you can take a nap on the manicured lawn 

Enjoy the spectacular flower beds

Look out for a Monarch

or catch a ball on the green

Or watch the birds!

Stare at the trees

Watch the Canada geese land on their practice flights

Just keep walking...