Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Machu Picchu - flora and fauna, the "locals"

Here's a quick look at the locals at Machu Picchu - all very exotic...

These Angel's trumpets are the perfect match for the buildings and the mountains
There are hundreds of varieties of orchids here, shown are the most common variety

This too is an orchid, even though it doesn't look like one

This rock face near the Sun Gate was full of what looked like air plants 

Many llamas were on site, particularly near the Sacred Plaza - they were quite a distraction

These must be the most photographed pair of rodents (called vizcachas, even though they look like rabbits), atop the entrance to the Temple of the Condor

Look, no hands - a local porter carrying the backpacks for hikers on the Inca Trail

School children on a field trip to the historical site
Dutiful parents acted as escorts with babies on their backs (shown here waiting for the bus going back down to Agua Calientes)
Curious baby peeking out from his mom's back

Couldn't resist showing this tourist, even though he's not a local...they started young!

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