Saturday, 5 January 2013

Art deco in Vancouver

I was in Vancouver a few weeks ago and was surprised to discover an art deco treasure in the city.  This is the Marine Building, apparently considered one of the great art deco buildings in the world.  Completed in 1930 right after the Wall Street crash that triggered the Great Depression, many of the offices were left empty.  In 1933, the $2.3 million building was sold for only $900,000.  But it remains a classic example of art deco in the city.

The lobby, surprisingly small for a building this size, is considered a masterpiece.  You can see for yourself below the stunning entrance to it, the floor, the ceiling, the solid brass elevator doors...

Stained glass above the lobby

Solid brass elevator doors

The corridor to the side entrance

In-laid floor with the zodiac

The mailbox!

The elevator walls inlaid with 12 kinds of hardwood 

You can see the intricate cornice of the lobby from the second floor

Looking towards the entrance to the lobby - note the clock with sea animals for  hours

The Marine Building on the outside


  1. Easily my favourite building in Vancouver. Thanks for the great pictures!

  2. Tks, Sandra. I agree - but I only found it on my 4th trip to Vancouver! The name doesn't attract attention.