Sunday, 31 March 2013

Early spring at Toogood Pond

It was a gorgeous day to make what has become an annual spring ritual for us - a trek to Toogood Pond in Unionville - it always seems to give us just enough of a taste of nature in the city (and the promise of a good lunch afterwards) without overtaxing our energy.   It is tempting to think that it is named "too good" because it is too good to be true but it is actually named after the man who owned the pond prior to its acquisition by the Town of Markham in 1980 - Arthur Toogood.  The geese that always seem to be there and the quieter mallard ducks enlivened the peaceful pond and trails.  It usually takes us no more than hour to do the trail with multiple stops for photos.  Here are some taken yesterday.

Testing the waters with one foot?

Spring rituals!

Not much I can add to this perfect landscape

Spring jogger

Aggressive spring behaviour



  1. Hey! Thanks to you, I now know where the name "Toogood" comes from! Also, your portrayal (accompanied by photos) does justice to its beauty and the tranquility (and joy) it brings to the visitors.

  2. Thanks, Roch! Thanks to you, we now have a respite close to town.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous - as always! You marvellously captured the beauty in that bleak colour palette of pre-spring.

  4. Thanks, MVK! You're right about the pre-spring though - there is no green so I will change my title!

  5. Or maybe not. It is spring afterall, colour or no colour...