Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rainbow Bridge - world's largest known natural bridge

After the full day canyon tour, we had a leisurely day doing a boat tour on Lake Powell which included a short hike to Rainbow Bridge, world's largest known natural bridge, considered sacred by the local Native American tribes.  It was a very enjoyable cruise, with remarkable scenery throughout the two hours.  The worst part was getting up in the morning to get to the marina for the 7:30 am cruise.  There was no other option if we wanted to do the hike to the bridge.

The only food provided on board the six and a half hour cruise were granola bars and apples, with coffee and lemonade.  If you want real food, there was a sunset cruise which included dinner.  But then you won't be able to see the Rainbow Bridge.  And I would opt for the monument rather than the food in Arizona - any time.

Early morning at the marina

The same landscape from the water

Layered bluffs all along Lake Powell

Lots of mesas and buttes around the lake

It seems that everywhere you look you see camel heads

Entrance into the canyon leading to the Rainbow Bridge - you wouldn't think the boat could get through the many narrow channels - but it did

You can see in these two pictures (above and below) what a difference the light can make to the same landscape - the top is an approach to the channel (obviously the wrong angle light-wise) while the photo below is looking back from the other side

The boat let us of on the pier and we hiked along this massive canyon face to get to the Rainbow Bridge Monument

First glimpse of the monument with Navajo Mountain in the background

The perfect arch - Rainbow Bridge, considered sacred by the tribes in the area

Not much snow melt this year - river bed is dry

One of many houseboats on Lake Powell docked here at the Rainbow Bridge pier

The way back to the Marina was just as spectacular as we were then seeing the landscape in a different light and from a different angle

The ever present coal power generating station has become a monument in its own way

The dam that created Lake Powell
and turned it into a beautiful pleasure playground

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