Sunday, 9 June 2013

Ravine life in late spring

It's mid-June and we finally had our first decent sunny and warm day - perfect for a ravine walk, which we did instead of going to the gym.  I was determined that this should be an exercise and that it would be a brisk walk so deliberately did not bring my camera with me.  At the back of my mind though, I try never to leave myself without options - what if something exciting comes up during the walk?!   So I had my blackberry with me and when I saw the little snail, I couldn't resist and of course, once I started, I couldn't stop!


  1. Beautiful. Great that your inspiration started with a snail. Nice roaming.

  2. Thanks! It's naturally photogenic. I haven't come across one on the path before. After I took the picture, we put it back on the grass where it should have been, it must have wandered out and gotten lost.