Saturday, 16 November 2013

Venice from a different angle

It was not our first trip to Venice and so I was glad to see it from a different angle - from the deck of the Azamara Quest which must be at least ten stories above ground.  We had a great view over the red roofs of the city and was able to see the buildings and bridges from a distance.  The boat left Venice in late afternoon - the view was heart-stoppingly spectacular with the sun on the red roofs.  

When we returned from our 7 days on the Adriatic, we had to take a water taxi to the train station.  That ride was the most fun, speeding under bridges and going through the narrow streets of Venice.  Nothing like a gondola ride, of course, but at ten o'clock in the morning with a boat load of luggage, it was the right speed...

The reporters were there because of the street protests against the cruise ships.  I'm sure I appeared on Italian TV...

This is the dock from where we boarded

It looks like there is another leaning tower in Italy other than Pisa's

NO GRANDI NAVI - The protest against the "big boats" - in fact our departure was delayed because protesters were blocking the harbour.  I would have joined the protesters were I not on board...and I wasn't being cheeky

Look at the crowds in San Marco Square and in front of the Doge's Palace

Our water taxi ride to the train station

The public water bus

The square in front of the train station - long lineups for the water bus 

The high-speed train that took us to Florence for 19 euros

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