Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Cinque Terre - Vernazza

From Manarola, we took the train to Vernazza, experiencing the crush of crowds from the cruise ships both on the train and on the narrow streets of the village, which was probably one of the larger villages in Cinque Terre. Vernazza, with settlement dating back to the beginning of the 11th century, actually had more than its 13th century church - there was the Castello Doria which gave a panoramic view of the area after a steep climb of many steps and then there was a beach reached via a tunnel.

We also had lunch in Vernazza and tried the local specialty, fish baked in salt.  (Visit Foodsparks for more details.)  It is undeniably very pretty and photogenic...

This looks like a film set!

With great seafood

Main street

Multi-coloured tomato plant - wish I could take it home!

The 13th century Church of Santa Maria d'Antiochia

Many windy streets - this was on the way to the Castello Doria 

View from the Castello Doria - have your euros ready for the climb, they charge you to go in after you've climbed many steps - very few people would say no after all that work!   And you want to see the view...

More steps take you up to the top of the 15th century lookout tower 

The terraced fields for grapes and olives are everywhere in Cinque Terre - in Vernazza, the indigenous wine vernaccia 

A surprise at the other end of the tunnel - the beach! 

Looking back from the other side 

Nice village!   Just be prepared for the crowds...

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