Friday, 27 December 2013

Michelangelo's Marble

On the way to Cinque Terre, our driver pointed out the Carrara Marble Mountains with the precious white marble that had been used for some of the most remarkable buildings since Ancient Rome, including the Pantheon, and by sculptors like Michelangelo (for his sculpture of David). They are still in production after centuries of quarrying.  

We were told to note the colour of the mountains in the morning and the difference when we return in late afternoon with the sun shining at an angle on the mountains - the white marble was clearly visible from the highway.  If we had more time, it would be worth a trip up to the mountains to see the quarry where Michelangelo had actually quarried marble for his statues.  For an interesting article and photos on his quarry at Pietrasanta, visit Marc Levoy's project.

Marble mountains in the late afternoon with the marble clearly visible from the highway

Marble blocks from the quarry lined up for shipment

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