Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Radda in Chianti

What I love about Radda in Chianti is how quiet and peaceful it was when we visited in late afternoon. It is a hilltown, sitting high above the surrounding countryside with its vineyards and olive trees.  When we stood outside the city walls, we saw the essence of Chianti laid out before us.  It was enchanting.

The medieval town, inhabited since the 9th century, has its city walls and its nature intact.  It seemed unspoilt by tourism, with very few shops and the locals still hang out in the main piazza.  

At the top of the hill

Chianti at your feet...

Quiet streets 

Church of San Niccolo in the main square

Local children playing in front of the medieval fountain

The 15th century Palazzo del Podesta, house of the Florentine governor has a facade with coats of arms

An art gallery in a medieval cellar - what a great backdrop for an exhibit

Medieval bell tower 

A walk along the city wall - you can see the surrounding countryside from the top of the wall and also outside the walls

More Chianti! 

And for the first time in a week, we got home in time to watch the sunset!

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