Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Mangrove Tour in Langkawi

The highlight of our visit to Langkawi was a tour of the mangrove forests in the Kilin Geoforest Park which included a number of activities, including watching the eagles, monkeys and other wildlife in the area against a spectacular backdrop of mangroves and stunning rock formations along the way.  

Amazing rock formations on the way to the geoforest park

Zebra fish in feeding frenzy

If we were in China, this outcrop would have a name

and this one I would call Orangutan at rest...

Our guide almost became the feed at this fish farm

Lots of fish farms in the area - this translates into one thing for me - great seafood!

Perfectly grilled fish for lunch at fish farm

The monkey is happy with bread

The eagles prefer chicken 

The eagles flying over the mangrove forests.  

Air roots of the mangroves growing out of the soil

The mangroves were teeming with life - we saw crabs, lizards and snakes on our trip

Water snake among mangroves
We also visited a bat cave with an ancient column of stalactite stalagmite at its exit.

It was a fun-filled day on the mangrove tour - highly recommended!