Sunday, 13 April 2014

Serious Art deco in Singapore

We saw this art deco building from afar and thought we'd check it out.   The elaborate courtyard and entrance lobbies took us by surprise.  But I was happy I took the pictures when I did - before I was stopped by the security guard.  It's a private building owned by a Chinese magnate who authored and penned the poem carved on the bird sculpture. Surprisingly, it was not an original art deco building. Parkview Square was built in 2002 in the art deco style, inspired by the 1929 Chanin Building in New York City.  Good job, Singapore!

Outside walkway

The front courtyard or piazza as they called it

Twin lobbies mirroring each other in design

Elaborate ceiling work above the bar/restaurant that separated the twin lobbies.  The bar is supposed to have a 3-storey high wine chiller - possibly the object to the left of this picture?

Similar sculptures in the outside couryard

I love this bird!  Poem authored and penned by owner.


  1. Impressive! That's a very sincere love-letter to the Art Deco era. Thanks for the great pictures.

  2. I love how you described it - a "very sincere love-letter to the Art Deco era"! Thanks!