Sunday, 13 April 2014

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens was our first stop in Singapore.  It was gorgeous, and we had a very enjoyable time there in spite of the heat.  The National Orchid Garden, the highlight within the Gardens, was fortunately mostly in the shade.  With over a thousand species of orchids, the collection was quite impressive.  There was also a very interesting Ginger Garden beside it but the collection was less concentrated as it was in the Orchid Garden.  The gardens are quite spreadout and we could easily have spent the whole day there.  As it was, we didn't get to every section even though we were there for a good part of the day - I would have liked to see the Healing Garden which consisted of plants that are used for healing.  

Silk Cotton Tree also called Buttercup tree

Unusual bamboo groves

Rhododendrons in bloom

The tropical garden 

Beautiful prayer plant

Heliconia with its unusual flowers

The roof of the bandshell really reflected the environment

Lovely lily pads in front of the symphony stage in the amphitheatre

Fountain display at the entrance to the Orchid Garden

My favourite Dancing Lady Orchid here in mass display

Orchids and more orchids...

A beautiful tree echoed in a modern sculpture

An impresive display of giant palm leaves

And the Bonsai display was awesome!

This is of course "Swan Lake" with the sculpture "Flight of Swans" and some real swans too

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