Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Hue Streetscape

While Hue was calmer than Hanoi, its streetscape was just as colourful. Motorcycles were still the dominant vehicle but we felt safe crossing the streets.  We went on a walking tour of the town and came across many food stalls that were very similar to the ones in Hanoi but their food often had a Hue twist.  Hue is situated right beside the water so shrimp is easily available - just about everything we ate had shrimp in it.   We ate a meal at a family-run restaurant with only five items on the menu.  Read about our Hue food experience on Foodsparks.

Interesting mix - produce sold on curbside and housewares and clothing in the stores inside with what looked like different owners.
Exotic cow penises to order on a street stall - supposedly good for the same part of the human male
The dessert counter!
This is an antique street stall more than a century old and still in use!

A "modern" street stall

Snails galore 

I forgot to ask why the rolled dough was left on the cylinders

Lineup of dragon boats for tourists to cruise the Perfume River

The historic Hotel Saigon Morin from the turn of the century (1901) 

Rush hour on the Truong Tien bridge (another one built by Eiffel in 1899) - but look at the little kid clutching on for life!

It's an easy walk across the bridge to the market, except when you have a load on your shoulders
At the market - I like how neatly the lettuce was arranged

and the different fish portions

This is the place for bananas - they were very sweet

Random orchid on roadside tree
The Vietnamese seems to like travelling in their national costume

Colourful Vietnamese outfits for different ages 

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