Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Hoi An Streetscape

My enduring memories of Hoi An is of a very colourful yet serene and peaceful place.  There were no crowds to push past or traffic that threatened your life.  It seemed a very laid back place compared to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  No wonder people are looking at retiring here - fresh air, fresh food, friendly people - what's not to like about it.  And lots of good places to eat as we found out on our Hoi An Food Tour (blog post coming up). 

Pre-wedding photo sessions were very popular on the streets of Hoi An  

Wide avenues outside of the Old Town

The river is an important thoroughfare

Bike Ferry

Enjoying the social life

Huge market

Choice of fresh-made noodles - hand-made on the premises! 

Gigantic goose eggs

Fresh fish from the sea

Lanterns, lanterns, and more lanterns...

Hand-made on the premises!

Imitation food - looks delicious!

Real food - made in an artisanal shop in a back alley 

Potato Pancakes drying in the sun

Age is no barrier - both these ladies were over a hundred years old and still going strong!

Birds galore!  People have time to listen to the birds!

Time to go home - but not before stopping by one of the many tailors in town.  Hoi An is famous for its tailors - they were not only good, they were fast!  A man's suit done in a day, perfectly tailored at a quarter of the price you'd pay in North America.

Shutting down for the night - the old-fashioned way...