Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lake Huron Sunsets

The sun at sunset is like a diva coming off her stage.  It's anyone's guess how she will leave - whether it will be a brisk departure or whether she will do one encore after another, come back every time you think she's gone for good.

After a week of watching the diva set over Lake Huron, I have yet to figure out whether she will hide behind the haze or break through and dazzle the onlooker.   Even five minutes before she actually descended into the sea, she kept us guessing.  It was tantalizing.  When she went behind a cloud, will she emerge below it?  Will the next move down bring her out in front for a final bow or just drop her unceremoniously backstage behind a thick curtain of haze? Will the stage left behind be dim and dull or will it be a magnificent display of fiery red in all its glorious hues?

That's the wonder of sunsets and why it's mesmerizing watching it every evening.  It could take an hour for the spectacle to end and meanwhile the camera is clicking away with every change in shade. Dinner is interrupted if there is a remote chance it might be a glorious exit - afterall who wants to miss a good shot!  Sometimes the second you looked down to check your camera setting, it's gone...

Friday night - a "clear" sun (my friend asked me how I kept the clouds from overshadowing the sun when she saw the photo)
Saturday night - I managed to get the clouds to overshadow the sun, sort of

Sunday - at Grand Bend (and no, I didn't ask the fisherman to move, but he did)

Wednesday - she burnt through the haze

Thursday - mix of clouds - it's anyone's guess how she's going to look.  As it turned out, she was so bright I couldn't get a shot in until she's halfway down the horizon.

Finally, she's gone, leaving behind a painted ceiling in glorious hues of red and orange...

I can understand why there are sunset chasers - it's addictive.

Next post:  I hope to get back to the Mekong Delta!


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    Great introduction, beautiful shots :-)

  2. Thanks. Don't know what I can do about the problem but at least this one showed up.