Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hong Kong Park - a green oasis amidst the skyscrapers

Visiting Hong Kong Park was an afterthought for us - the lineups for the Peak Tram were too long and the Park was just a short walk from the tram station, so we detoured and discovered a lush green space in the midst of the concrete jungle.  The Park, completed in 1991 on the grounds of the former Victoria Barracks, was a beautiful blending of modern design with the natural landscape.

The part I enjoyed most was the aviary with its 600 birds, some 80 species, freely flying through.  It was a bird paradise, and a photographer's!  There were more birds than people so the birds were very cocky, hanging out on the bridges, gawking at the humans.  It was quite hilarious.

There were a lot of steps to climb as it was built on a hill
The Aviary from above

Inside the aviary
"What's up, man?!"

Abundance of riches - kiwi, mango and papaya for breakfast!  'Tis the life!

Bali Starlings owned the place - see how unperturbed this one was - I couldn't have been more than a few feet away with my camera in its face

Lots of photo ops

Beautifully landscaped grounds led us to the green house 

Verdant tropical plants inside the green house

The large koi pond with its acrobatic turtles provided endless entertainment for all ages

I was more than a little disappointed that the main floor of the Museum of Tea Ware in Falstaff House was closed for renovations.  I had been looking forward to seeing its collection of historic tea ware.  Of some consolation was an exquisite exhibit of seal carvings in the K.S. Lo Gallery above the tea shop, these seals and accompanying ceramics were from across the centuries as far back as the Song Dynasty.  It was quite an interesting exhibit.

K.S. Lo Gallery with an exquisite exhibit of carved seals
My favourite: seal with a lotus

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