Monday, 14 September 2015


Cars lined up to enter Sausalito, the seaside town just north of San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge.  They could have driven another 20 minutes around the bay and visit Tiburon, no lineups, a quiet little town with an uncluttered waterfront.   Or they could have just taken a short ride on the ferry from downtown San Francisco.  We were there this winter visiting a friend and was introduced to the tranquil waterfront where, like us, the migratory birds were making their stop.  According to a birdwatcher we encountered on the trail, some of these birds were from the Arctic - what a treat!

This waterfront trail, formerly the railway grade, is now part of the San Francisco Bay Trail used by hikers and cyclists. This part of the trail is an easy hike with the water almost always in sight and the Golden Gate Bridge silhouetted in the far distance.  Lots of birds stop here during the migratory season providing great photo opportunities.  And what better place to finish the hike than in one of several restaurants in town, some of them with waterfront patios.  This is a great half day trip from San Francisco.

View of San Francisco skyline from Tiburon marina

Angel Island is just a short ferry ride away

Love this scculpture in the main square in Tiburon
Migratory birds on the Tiburon waterfront

American coots

Oyster catcher

A quiet moment on the trail


  1. Nice photos. Next time venture north a little and check out the China Camp State Park.

  2. Thanks, Peter. Yes, I've heard about China Camp - just didn't like the name so never went...crazy, eh?

  3. Nice waterfront pictures. I visited Sausalito last time I was in SF but didn't see what you saw.

  4. Thanks, Connie. These photos are from Tiburon, not Sausalito, that's why you didn't see them. I was visiting our friend - you know who.