Sunday, 9 April 2017

Iguaçu Falls - Brazil

We visited the Brazilian side of the Iguassu Falls on our second day in the area.  After stopping on the Argentinian border station, our guide took us across the border without even stopping at the Brazilian checkpoint.  So much for paying a hefty amount for the Brazilian visa.  He suggested we could stop if we really wanted a stamp on our passport but we turned down the offer. 

The questions that came up with everyone planning a trip to the falls were: which side was better, was it worth a trip to cross the border (and pay the exorbitant Brazilian visa fee!), how did it compare to Niagara Falls?  We were asked that very question by a couple of German tourists at the Devil's Throat.  Those were difficult questions to answer as values differ and everyone's experiences were different.

When we first arrived at the park on the Brazilian side, I was a little disappointed as the falls were farther away, literally "on the other side of the river" - it was distant, compared to the immediacy of the experience the day before on the Argentinian side.  But as we moved closer towards the Devil's Throat, we saw that it was a different experience but still valuable - we could see the panoramic view of the entire waterfalls system on the Brazilian side that we could not see on the Argentinian side.  And of course, when we got to the Devils' Throat, the experience was very immediate and exciting.

In my opinion, visitors need to see both sides for a complete experience.  We were right above the falls at the Devil's Throat on the Argentinian side and right below it on the Brazilian side - both equally immediate experiences.  And for those who want to get wet, one can get very wet on the Brazilian side too by walking out to the viewing platform which extended all the way out into the middle of the gorge.  On the other hand, it's not something one could not do without and if for whatever reason you could not make it to the other side, it will not be a huge loss.

Have a look at the photos below and decide for yourself.  For me, an extra bonus was the bird park just outside the park entrance.  It was very well-stocked and there were lots of exotic tropical birds for viewing. 

Right beside the Devil's Throat on the Brazilian side
Falls thundering down right beside the viewing platform - good thing at this angle, the camera didn't get any spray.

The multi-levelled falls

The viewing platform extended right into the middle of the gorge, making for a very wet experience

Underwater camera shot at the foot of the Devil's Throat falls on the viewing platform in the middle of the gorge

Pair of black vultures enjoying the scenery

Caracara near the entrance to the park
Toucans in closeup at the bird park

You call this a bird?  It looked like it's dressed up to go on stage!  It's called a "Grou coroado africano".  These flamingos look "normal" in comparison.

This is a red-legged seriema

A female mutum de penacho - unusual in that the male is less bedecked than the female for a change, black curly crown but no striated plumage.

A Roseate spoonbill

Jandaya parakeet

Blue and gold macaw

Scarlet macaw

Cute parrot!


  1. very well written article about the falls and thanks for sharing the viewing of the falls from both side to complete the experience. nicely said. This is very useful to help me plan my future trip. Thanks Cat.

  2. Thanks, Jean. Let me know if you need the name of the driver/guide we had.