Sunday, 17 July 2011

Lacoste Found

Optimism and an unwillingness to give up played a large part in the finding of Lacoste at the end of a long drive leading to nowhere (the GPS was probably off by just a fraction, but enough to put us off track).  It was getting late, there was a good chance that the Chateau might even be closed by the time we found it.  We headed towards the hillside town, relieved to find that it was indeed Lacoste and followed the signs to the Chateau.  It was a steep walk up cobbled walkways and through the ruins to the entrance, which, to our relief, was still open.  The lone attendant at the door offered to stay until we were finished.

While the Cadenet chateau was in ruins, it was free.  There was a charge for admission to the Chateau de Lacoste and you can judge for yourself from the photos below whether it was worth the 6 Euros for admission.  For us, we had driven a half day to get there - we paid, no questions asked.  There was no information sheet provided but we knew the Marquis de Sade had lived there for a few years and I was curious to see his rooms.  Unfortunately, there was not much left of the 11th century castle  - it was mostly destroyed during the revolution and there was no access to the interior.   

This stunning sculpture was outside the entrance and there was a temporary art installation just inside the entrance.  You can see the village of Bonnieux in the distance.

Blue hanging installation inside

The Chateau from the outside - there was no access inside.

The town of Lacoste was very picturesque, with cobbled steps through ancient portals in the section leading up to the chateau.  

Someone had a sense of humour here - I had to walk past it before I realized it was an imitation.

People still live in these ancient houses - and I suspect they cost a fortune.

More portals

This is the pretty town of Bonnieux, which you have to drive through every time you want to get from one side of the Luberon to the other.  Crossing the mountain was a steep, narrow, winding road with hairpin turns - but it's an undivided highway with a posted speed of 90 km, a good excuse for a BMW, if you were going to rent a car for your stay.

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