Thursday, 7 July 2011

The Red Door

I wonder how many museums in the world have a red door?  The Musee Reattu in Arles is exceptional in more ways than one.  It is located in a unique 15th century building that used to be a priory, later bought by the artist Jacques Reattu to house his own works.  Its architecture is quite remarkable and the structure is a historical monument.   It is also the first museum in France to exhibit photos.  

The Museum has two Picasso paintings and many of his sketches.  Below you see his painting of his mother Olga and also a photo of him and the woman who looked like one of his muses.    

The Museum backs onto the banks of the Rhone


  1. Nice set. Love the door pictures esp. and the river at twilight. Nice to see the Picassos too -- I can't get enough of him lately. John

  2. Tks, John. You're the third person today who liked the twilight picture. And I almost didn't pick it! It was just a quick snap but the camera was amazing. It was so dark I didn't think I could even see everything I framed, more intent on catching the light before it's gone.