Sunday, 31 July 2011

Seeing Red

In Roussillon, of course!   Everything here is red - houses, roofs, bricks, even the drink glasses and place mats - well, some of them.  The locals have great colour sense and sure knew how to bring out the red in the town.  The natural ochre deposits found in the clay in the village is the source of all this redness.  Apparently there was intense mining activity in the 18th century with the demand for the red pigment, but in the 1930's the mines were closed to prevent degradation of the sites.  Tourism is now the main industry, and why are we not surprised.

Now if it weren't 100 degrees and the sun so burning hot, we should have walked over to this cliff and looked back onto the town.  It would have been a spectacular shot, but I only discovered that after I came back.  To see the village from the other side, go to this site:

The town is pretty amazing!

Look at the stunning palette of colours - a painter's delight!

Even the lemon seemed to have a reddish tinge!  This was the best lemon sorbet we ever had.  The sorbet must have been scooped into the lemon before the whole thing was frozen.  The perfect dessert for a 100 degree day!  I sure could have used one today!

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